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Perform for groups, one on one & even on stage.
This training is packed with secrets from the man they call

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  • A Massive Video Collection
    You get a huge library of over 60 videos. You’ll see live show footage, all explained in amazing detail. It couldn’t be easier!
  • The 3 Secrets
    Discover the 3 secrets that make hypnosis FAST and EASY! Most professionals don’t even know these techniques.
  • The Ultimate Hypnotic Framework
    You’ll learn how to build a hypnosis show or demonstration from the ground up. Step by step. Clearly explained in high quality video.
  • The Work That Makes It Work
    You’ll discover covert hypnotic strategies such as embedded commands, mind reading statements, power pauses and so much more.
  • The Induction Blueprint
    See live video of Michael’s Inductions. He breaks down each segment so you can replicate it and execute its easily.
  • Suggestibility Test Formula
    Suggestibility tests let you know who your best subjects are. You’ll discover how to make these tests easy, hilarious and mind-boggling.
  • Setting Up A Trance
    This secret move will get them under even faster and the best part is they don’t even know it’s happening.
  • Hypnotic Deepeners
    You can effortlessly get them into such a deep trance that they will obey all of your hilarious hypnotic suggestions.

Over 60 Training Videos In The Palm Of Your Hand


Perform amazing psychological illusions

Predict Any Number
Someone thinks of any number You’ll know what it is.

Cell Phone Miracle
A volunteer phones a friend on their cell phone and you can read their mind.

Twisted Arm Shocker
They follow your every move and always get it wrong everytime.
Any Book Any Page
A spectator looks at a word in any book. You’ll always know it.

Impossible Card Trick
Your audience thinks you messed up but you completely SLAY them.

Ultimate Math Wizard
Easily demonstrate math skills that nobody will EVER figure out.



35 Bonus Videos


Full Lesson on Induction 
(17 detailed videos) $499 Value 

Michael is giving you the entire video training on hypnotic introductions for the stage. This comes out of his flagship program, Stage Hypnosis University.


Full Lesson on Routine Creation
(12 detailed videos) $399 Value 

There is the entire video lesson on routines that Michael normally reserves for his Stage Hypnosis University students. He’s generously giving this to you as part of this package. He holds nothing back in showing you how to craft hilariously entertaining shows!


Contracts and Riders
(6 detailed videos) $247 Value 

Learn how to make things run smoothly. Avoid surprises and disasters. Michael has been performing professionally for over 25 years. What he shares in this bonus lesson is incredibly valuable for anyone who intends to do the same.

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The Hypnosis Blueprint
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Mikey Angel hated his job. He now makes $7500 per show in the corporate market. He also performs around the world on cruise ships.
Josh Routh knew nothing about hypnosis before he trained with Michael. He recently did 30 shows in 30 days in the High School market.
Savio Joseph is a University student that got started with mentalism. He now does hypnosis shows in the College, Corporate and High Schools markets.
Mark Shipman quickly booked 12 shows in a row at a popular fringe festival immediately after training with Michael. Now he does amazing mentalism as well.

Over 60 Training Videos
Stream it to Any Device


Hi. My name is Michael C. Anthony

I’m an award winning Stage Hypnotist and the Founder of Stage Hypnotist University.

After a world wide search, I was cast as “The Hypnotist” for The Illusionists, the highest grossing show of it’s kind in the world.

In fact, with students in over 100 countries, most of the hypnotists you see today at one point were my students. I’ve seen it all, and I know what works (…and more importantly.. what doesn’t work) to successfully create amazing hypnosis performances.


Tracy Gray is a University professor and does high paying corporate shows, fundraisers, colleges and theater shows.
Xavier Crowe is a magician and now a Stage Hypnotist. He had 4 shows booked before he even performed the first one.
Adelita Montero runs Adelita Montero Live. She enrolled with Michael and performed her first show less than 2 months later.
William Parker runs Parker Hypnosis. He regularly performs at Colleges, Corporates, High Schools and Performing Arts Centers.

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If you choose to move on and not take this offer, that’s okay too. If you’re already having a blast hypnotizing friends and audiences – Awesome! You’ll do great. Otherwise, you have a great opportunity to do so right here.

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Total Value: $1799

Todays Price: 50% Off

One Time Payment

Customer Satisfaction is Important to us
Contact us here for any questions, comments and concerns.

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